Donor FAQ

Q: What type of gifts does the Foundation accept?
A: The Foundation is able to accept almost any type of asset that is readily marketable, including cash, securities, real estate, tangible personal property, collections and similar items.

Q: I wish to make a gift to a Foundation fund - what should I do?
A: Contact the Executive Director (512) 245-2396 for assistance.

Q: What about gifts of Stock?
A: Making a gift of stock is an excellent way for donors to give a gift that may save them capital gains taxes (which they must pay if they sell the stock first and give the cash later). Please call the Executive Director (512) 245-2396 for assistance.

Q: What amount is required to open a new Foundation Endowed account?
A: The minimum gift level for any new endowed account is $25,000, all to be received within five years.

Q: How are the Foundation accounts invested?
A: The Board of Trustees of the Foundation selects a balanced, long-range portfolio using high-quality investment managers. View investment information at Investment Performance.

Q: Is the Development Foundation a part of Texas State University?
A: The Foundation is an independent not-for-profit corporate entity governed by its own Board of Trustees and is legally independent of the university. The Development Foundation works closely with Texas State University Office of University Advancement  (

Q: Does the Texas State University handle the Foundation’s bookkeeping?
A: Foundation staff perform all accounting and bookkeeping operations internally. An independent Certified Public Accounting firm annually audits Foundation financial statements and management procedures. A copy of the most recent audit is available at Audit.

Q: What information does the Development Foundation supply? To whom?
A: The most recent financial audit and federal tax return, as well as a list of current board members are available to the public at Board of Trustees.

Q: Who at the Texas State University is in charge of a Foundation account?
A: Each Foundation account has one “Account Holder,” who is full-time faculty, staff or administrators of the University. The Account Holder may designate two others to assist with management of the distribution amounts generated by the account. The Account Holder has all program and financial information for each account.