CALL For Nominations

 To complete the nominations process the Nominating Committee requests that the current Board of Trustees nominate candidates to serve as board members in 2017-2018 by completing the attached nomination form.  Prior to submitting the information about the nominee, please carefully review the criteria for board membership. 

Nomination Form

Qualifications & Responsibilities


The Development Foundation is governed by an elected Board of Trustees. The Foundation uses a committee structure to conduct routine business.

Audit/Finance Committee

An Audit/Finance Committee serves as the liaison to the foundation’s independent auditor.  The Committee meets with the auditor to determine if current financial information is in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principle (GAAP).  The Audit/Finance Committee is also charged with examining financial performance and fund stewardship.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Board Chair, Vice Chair and chairs of the Steering Committee and immediate past chair of the Board.  The Executive Committee is charged with the overall management of the organization.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee is a sub-committee of the Finance Committee. It is the Investment Committee that is charged with monitoring the investment performance of the foundation’s portfolio.  It meets with the investment consultant on a quarterly basis to review and discuss portfolio performance.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with developing recommendations for new board members.  The Board of Trustees reviews the Nominating Committee’s recommendations and makes final decisions regarding new board appointments.

  • Contact current Board members to determine outgoing Board members.
  • Submit an open call for Board member nominations, review and contact the nominees, and present recommendations to the Board.
  • Select officer nominees and present nominees to the Board.

Draft Timeline
Mid-May        Deadline for nominations

Early June     Candidates contacted

Mid-July        Candidates and officers confirmed by Board vote

September 1  Term begins for new members

October          Candidates introduced at Fall Board of Trustees meeting

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