Policies & Procedures


Annually the Board of Trustees approve the amounts available for distribution for each account. The account manager will use the Disbursement-Authorization form to request the distribution. Please deliver the completed form to the Endowment Compliance Specialist listed at the top of the form. Information regarding the timing of the distribution is included on the form. Attached to the form should be a memo or budget explaining the expected use of the funds. The account manager will also deliver receipts for the use of the funds to the Endowment Compliance Specialist once expended.

Requests for funds for internships and stipends will use the same Disbursement-Authorization form. Due to wage reporting requirements, the department requesting the distribution will make arrangments with the University Payroll Office to pay the student with funds from their departmental account. The Development Foundation will generate a check to Texas State University for the department to deposit into their departmental account. Internships and stipends are taxable wages and are subject to withholding requirements and payroll taxes. The student will receive the award amount less withholding and payroll taxes.

In the event the approved amount is insufficient, it is possible to request additional funds. This request will be made to the Executive Director of the Foundation. A memo or e-mail is sufficient and should include the reason for the requested increase as well as the amount requested. The Executive Director will determine whether the request should be taken to the Audit Committee for approval. Once approved the account manager may request the disbursement using the Disbursement-Authorization form.